Sunday, 27 January 2013

Seal Clubbing

New character! Say hello to Clubber, Penguin's best friend. I'm still concepting this guy (obviously) but I'm keeping the design pretty similar to Penguins'. At the moment I'm liking the first,fourth and fifth character's colour schemes....but the vivid colours may be detracting from the 'cold' theme. Another wave to follow.

I'm digging the charcoal and yellow one, it goes quite nicely with Penguin's blue outfit as well as the adjacent lime green one, but the lime green and khaki one complements Penguins blue outfit pretty well too. (lime green and khaki clearly not done before, totally not the colour scheme of my aviator...*shifty eyes*) I've got to remember that the pair will be pretty much be next to each other 'in-game' (all hypothetical of course) most of the time, so they have to look good in unison, not just individually. So in perspective:

They both look alright, but I think I need someone else's opinion. Personally I'm more geared towards the green.

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