Monday, 12 November 2012

FMP Pitch

This year is a mixture of 3D projects, we've done a rooftop (environment), currently working on a vehicle so I guess the only thing left to model is characters! I may not be the strongest at this particular segment of 3D but I feel that 4 months of blitzing out some character models in dioramas would be a pretty good way of training myself, and hopefully I can push my skills further especially considering all this work is going to go into a portfolio. For those who don't know I'm still undecided of what kind of artist I want to be. Ideally it would be great to be some sort of Lead, or Director - and so its best to show a strong talent across the board, being able to concept and model anything. That way I'm not too fussed of what role I'm given if I get into the industry; and I would be completely versatile If they needed me on another job.

Here are my ideas so far, they're a little undeveloped at the moment but in time Ill have the idea fleshed out. These characters are from a hypothetical video game, that maybe someday I can progress into an Intellectual Property, but for now its kind of fun to design these anthropomorphic characters, and I hope that I can replicate the art style in 3D. In conjunction with this project, I may choose one of these characters and create a medium sized level. These ideas are; an icy mountain village and a haunted house. Two contrasting environments each with their own pros. In the next few weeks or so as I begin to flesh out the ideas more, there may be some change, for example I may come up with other environments and such. I'm happy with the ideas so far, I know I just need to push them further.

Our Protaganist Penguin
Our main Antagonist - Walrus - still under development

General Ingitov

Scrapped Concept for Medieval theme

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