Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bringing it all together.

First things first, as much fun as it is to concept I can't but help worry on the fact that I'm blindly making stuff up without much point to them - so I though it'd be best to settle on a plot and direction for the level so I can focus on pushing that further. Fortunately the idea can still tie together what I've already done, but its going to be helpful from this point on. I've decided that the objective is to get from A-B, by various exploration methods like climbing, crawling and swimming (simple enough right?). A-B will provide the player with as much eye-candy as possible, which is why concepting is important. And finally - for Point B, Ideally I want a confrontation between Penguin and Thrallhalla...If I could Id set up a boss fight I would be overjoyed- but my struggle here is technical and personal limitations such as time and setting the mechanics up.

The main theme of the journey will be 'Approaching danger' like with most games and films, environments become more reflective of their present evil as you progress. Priorities are visual stimulation rather than game play mechanics, I just don't think I'll have the time to set everything I'd like up.

Anyway, heres a sketch of an approach towards Thrallhalla's domain.
I had two ideas - The water pool at the bottom will be where'd you surface from, and the path leading towards this would be an underwater stage. You would simply climb out the water onto the snowy path and make way for the gate.
The Second idea was the water pool would extend from a narrow waterway valley/cavern which you could use a row boat to travel on. probably would be cooler.

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