Sunday, 17 February 2013

Penguin WIP

So the first character I'd do had to be Penguin (just note, that I keep calling him Penguin cause I cant craft a suitable name for him yet...until that day comes, ill stick with the most original thing I can call him...) I approached the character differently, in respect to the aviator by zsculpting then retopologizing. I used a rough base mesh, but found that doing things in segments works a lot better, then mashing normals/ diffuse UVs into their respective texture sheets.
The stage above took roughly two days to get to, zbrushing on the first day then retopologizing/baking normals on the next. He's roughly around 3.5k triangles...which isn't bad!
    I'm gonna jump forward a few days to show the progress since (this is turning into Art Attack - here's one I did earlier), which is basically making the backpack, the mallet and 90% completion of the diffuse.
This is a Max view port screen print, not a render, with consistent colours enabled.
It's this type of flat cel-shading I'm going to try and achieve in UDK, hopefully.
 And this is basically what I need to do next. I've got most of the animation side of things sussed out, rigging/eye movement, but I'm wondering if its possible to switch out the texture of his eyes to say a 'closed eyelid' text for example - and if this texture swapping can be used on individual material ID's because at the moment the eyes and the body are one mesh, with 3 material IDs + 1 for the mallet. Time to do some more research.

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